The company Dr. Förster AG

Experience and purity since 1927

Dr. Förster AG: "Reload the brand"

Hamburg, Neu-Isenburg, Aachen - Optimism at the Dr. Förster: The restructuring has been completed, the new management from Hamburg sees excellent prospects for the traditional company that specializes in nature-based medicines, high-quality cosmetics and modern dietary supplements. They come up with ambitious goals - and use the time to ´fetch´ further products from the laboratory and develop them to market readiness. Since 1927, under the Dr. Förster produces cosmetics and nature-based medicines. The company was founded by the Leipzig doctor Dr. Walter Förster, who successfully built up the brand together with the Neu-Isenburg businessman Franz Köhler. The company has been based in Neu-Isenburg since the post-war years and has survived turbulent times.

Finally, a top-class and strong sales team was found around the Hamburg merchant Ralph Thelen, who took over the traditional brand and integrated it into his companies. The new beginning has succeeded. “The brand is experiencing enormous demand, especially from abroad,” says brand owner Ralph Thelen. “We want to keep developing it. Whereby a consistent ´Made in Germany´ is used in development and production and uncompromising emphasis is placed on highly innovative and finest raw materials. Often from kbA - controlled organic cultivation ”.

In addition to the headquarters in Hamburg and the previous laboratory and production site in Aachen, the new boss relies fully on the Neu-Isenburg site near Frankfurt, for which Ralph Thelen has a lot of praise in his luggage. 30 highly experienced employees are currently working in production, research and development on the 10,000 square meter company premises in Dornhofstrasse. The company has a three-digit range of products on offer. First of all the Dr. Förster series: innovative recipes with highly effective ingredients with a focus on anti-aging.

Here we focus on the worldwide ongoing topic in cosmetics and process, among other things, carefully selected antioxidants, high-quality hyaluronic acid and high-end stem cell technology. “Our horse care series - Equestrian” is also a top seller.

“But we also have excellent products in our range for riders. Like, for example, a highly innovative sun protection series that is quickly absorbed, does not sting the eyes and does not ´whiten´. One of our export hits is the horse balm series with its beneficial effects on the human muscles ”, says Ralph Ecks. The portfolio also includes the manufacture of cosmetics and dietary supplements for other brands and markets. We also develop in our laboratories according to prescriptions for other companies at home and abroad. Most of the turnover is generated abroad: in premium department stores, pharmacy chains and at airports. The two largest German chains in the food retail sector, EDEKA and Rewe, the discounter Netto, Metro C&C and other cash & carry stores such as Globus and C + C Schaper are also supplied with other brands. And with Karstadt even into the pedestrian zone. The team is particularly looking forward to this: from November, TV will also be sold via QVC. Most recently, the company achieved eight-digit annual sales.