Dr. Förster stands for beauty, inside and out - since 1927

Founded in 1927 - Dr. Förster is one of the oldest cosmetic brands in the world. High-quality cosmetics, modern food supplements and nature-based medicines are still produced in Germany using only the best quality ingredients and taking into account the latest scientific findings.


From the very beginning, our philosophy has been to expand our knowledge of the healing powers of nature and to continually raise the quality guidelines in compliance with the ethical principles for the protection of humans, animals and nature - in line with the founder, Dr. Walter Forster.



THE DR. FÖRSTER In & Out principle

We have a great responsibility for our customers. Various new developments are constantly being added - always on the cutting edge. Many references have already been intensively revised. Here we go after our successful

In & Out principle" in front.
In detail:

The first step: "Out"

All outdated ingredients such as microplastics, mineral oils, parabens, silicones and SLS, as well as emulsifiers and preservatives have been eliminated and replaced and upgraded with modern, innovative complexes and ingredients.

The second step: "In"
Here we consistently rely on the latest developments from worldwide laboratories. We strive for that Technology leadership and rely on three main active ingredients:
1. Hyaluronic acid 2. Antioxidants 3. Stem cell technology


The result is outstanding - our new Dr. Förster Anti Aging Care Line:

  • The valuable ingredients, active complexes and technologies of our Dr. Förster Anti Aging products are regenerating, intensely nourishing and naturally smoothing.
  • Our high quality Dr. Förster products are quickly absorbed and can protect the skin - with regular use in the morning and evening - from the visible and noticeable signs of damaging environmental influences.
  • We also rely on innovative solutions for packaging. By using airless dispensers, we protect our complex products and valuable ingredients from contamination in the best possible way and can thus reduce the proportion of preservatives.
  • The next step is to use sustainable plastic. Our Dr. ranger Quality promise - as soon as the industry offers adequate solutions - we will be the first to implement this.